RedAct at Crane Arts, Philadelphia
January 14 – 29, 2016

The Icebox Project Space and Grey Area, Crane Arts
1400 North American Street

Opening Reception: Second Thursday, January 14, 6 – 9 pm

Panel Discussion: Thursday, January 28, 6 – 8 pm
with moderator William Cromar, Cathleen Cohen, Joe Brenman, Amie Potsic, Judy Gelles

InLiquid presents the final installment of TangenT’s RedAct series at The Icebox Project Space and Grey Area at Crane Arts from January 14 – 29, 2016. RedAct is a series of artworks that explores visual renderings of facts detailed in redacted public documents. Drawing from state and federal reporting on children and institutions that govern child welfare, along with redaction in its many forms, the redact series is as much a meditation on information control, privacy, truth, and the increasing vagaries of childhood in America, as much as it is about what is left behind, what we can record, see and know.
The Digital Fringe at The Philadelphia Fringe Festival
TangenT's new artworks entitle REDaCT is featured in the 2015 Fringe Festival. RedAct is a multifaceted art event incorporating elements of performance, video, installation, and digital art throughout multiple locations in space, including cyberspace. On view from September 3-19.
TangenT at Art Index
Another iteration of RedAct has been selected for Flimideo 2015 at Index Art Center, 237 Washington Street in Newark. It will be on view Saturday, April 25 from 2-10pm.
TangenT at Session Phila Tech Week
Another iteration of RedAct has been staged at The Kimmel Center for Performing Arts a multi media performance piece part of the Sessions program at Philadelphia Tech Week..

At Rowan University Gallery
Westby Hall, First Floor, Route 322
Glassboro, New Jersey 08028

Exhibition dates: January 20 - March 7
Opening Reception and Artist Talk: Thursday, February 12 5-7pm
Exhibitions are open to the public: Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm; Wed: 10am-7pm; Sat: 12-5pm


Lyn Godley
Juggling Wolf
Christopher McManus
New American Public Art
Maria Schneider
Jody Sweitzer
Chris Vecchio
BrokenSpoken at Old City Publishing, Philadlephia
Sept- November 2014
Old City Publishing window
628 N. Second Street, Philadelphia


A crowdsourced exercise in drawing and erasure. Put the mail back in email. Put the post back in posting. Use up 30 seconds of your allotted 15 minutes.

How does it work?

Make a blackgraywhite drawing related to the terms BROKEN and/or SPOKEN.

The drawing is about 3 inches tall and 5 inches wide in whatever media or means you desire.

If your original is not created digitally, scan or photograph your drawing to transform it to digital media.

Post the drawing to this page.

TangenT will print drawings onto sheets of translucent mylar and insert them into the wall of glassine envelopes on display at Old City Publishing located at 628 N 2nd St in PhilaByGodDelphia PA.

Postings will occur from now until the end of November.
TangenT at Dumbo
On September 27, 2014, TangenT will be a part of a live art performance debuting their new artwork The Sound of Fly Spec, one in a series of new works titled Redact.
"A Minute of Your Time", at The Kimmel Center
During June 2014, you can see TangenT's new piece, A Minute of Your Time playing on the Kimmel Cube in front of the Kimmel Art Center on Broad Street in Philadlephia.
"refraction" at Hack Philly
TangenT's newest art piece will be on view during Hack Philadelphia coming spring 2012.
"Air Water, Earth Fire", New Work at at HACK 2.0
Our good friends at Hack Philly have lined one amazing event after another during their anual weeklong celebration of new and emerging technologies. Their art exhibitions have become an increasingly important part of their programming. TangenT is being featured again with new work based on the exquisite and devastating characteristics of nature's elements.

HACK 2.0 is a technology based design and art exhibition featuring hackers, artists, and designers from Philadelphia and beyond. After last years premiere event, HACK Philly returns again for Philly Tech Week 2013 with HACK 2.0. This year features a wider range of work. From installation, performance, and wearable technology to experimental and cutting edge art and design.

Saturday, April 27, 2013, 5-10 pm

1522 N. American Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Rogue Video and Performance presents Letting Go
Rogue Video and Performance Presents
“Letting Go”
an out-of-doors art event featuring video, performance, installation and temporary artworks
Saturday, October 22nd 2011 from 3pm to 9pm
Halsey Street, New Street, Central Avenue and Broad Streets in Newark, NJ

Curators Jeanne Brasile and Jade Lien are pleased to announce their most recent curatorial collaboration on view during the 10th Annual Open Doors and Studio Tour sponsored by the Newark Arts Council. “Letting Go” will activate the block encompassed by New, Halsey and Broad Streets and Central Avenue with public displays and performances by over 50 participating artists. The exhibition is a discourse on the notion of catharsis, or emotional cleansing. Catharsis, or purging of emotions, produces profound feelings such as fear, sorrow, pity or even joy. In a broader sense, it can also refer to a sense of restoration, renewal, and revitalization; concepts that are poignant and greatly needed in this complicated emotional landscape we presently occupy.
Participating artists include; Kristin Anderson, Scot Andreason, Jacqueline Arias, Soraida Bedoya, Cynthia Berkshire, Ben Bernstein, Gianluca Bianchino, Mikel Bisbee-Durlam with Jody Wood, Christine -Jean Blaine, Boys and Girls Club of Newark, Collette Broeders, BroLab Collective, Sandra Burke, Giovanna Cecchetti, Russell Chartier, Bryan Christie & Jeremy Mage, Magenta del Ray, EGG, Mike Estabrook, Rico Fredrick, Jerry Gant, Kristin Grey, Bruce Humphries, Jones and Roa, Darren Jones, Jenna Kline, Samantha Marie La Alta, Greg Leshé, Timothy McMurray & Jacqueline Weaver, Aaron Oldenburg, Ben Pederson, Barbara Polster, Gerald Pryor, Sally Richardson, Tara Raye Russo, Kate & Beau Sage-Lindholm, Jesse Eric Schmidt, Kat Schneck, Narubi Selah, David Sinaguglia, DC Smith, Lauren Smith, Nyugen Smith, Mark Starling, Starski, Sara Suleman, TangenT and Heidi Zito.
Rogue Video and Performance was founded by Jeanne Brasile and Jade Lien in 2006 to free curators and artists from the confines of the traditional gallery space and to connect the public art large with art in unexpected places. To date, Brasile and Lien have curated events and video screenings for the SITE Festival in Brooklyn, Newark Open Doors, JC Fridays in Jersey City and the Paterson Art Walk in Paterson, New Jersey. They continue to independently curate exhibitions in non-traditional spaces and have recently begun to use Rogue Video and Performance as an opportunity to mentor aspiring curators who wish to develop exhibitions for alternative spaces. For more information please go to http://roguevideo.org or http://newarkarts.org for more information on the Open Doors Studio Tour.
New Works in Progress
During the first two weeks in August, TangenT artists Gabrielle Russomagno. Yvonne Love, and William Cromar, moved their studio space to the Grossman Gallery at Lafayette College, Easton. PA to fabricate their new media art works. The eight pieces are meant to be seen as discreet art objects that are a reflection on media culture, the body, memory and time.
"709b" Premiers at Design Philadelphia 2009
TangenT premiers "709b" during Design Philadelphia on October 10, 2009 from 8-10pm. Join us on Rittenhouse Square across from Parc Restaurant to experience a unique projection installation and receive an art Take Away as our gift!