Fly Spec No 2.
Fly Spec No. 2
In Fly Spec No. 2 from the series RedAct, 2014, it is both an artifact of an earlier performance and a mediation on recording a memory of an event. The artworks rely on intentional use of imagery and material as metaphor. In particular the use of flies (live, dead, and projected) are meant to conjure the pejorative conceit of “breeding like flies” and a nod to the insignificance of an individual as treated by bureaucratic systems. Whereas the projection of the dancing girl seen running from vitrine to vitrine on a bed of fly carcasses speaks to the same bureaucratic treatment of children in need, in a woefully underfunded department of human services. That the artworks in Fly Spec No. 2 employ a duality of meaning functioning too as a metaphor for containment and escape that further extends the conversation about the state versus the individual, civility and the concept of responsibility in the early 21st century America.